Song Detection – Audio Fingerprinting

Audio Fingerprinting ServiceWe are able to offer you a song detection/audio fingerprinting service which can be used in a variety of different applications. You may need to provide reporting on live/recorded shows or you may need to display the currently playing song on your website or social media outlets.

Our platform is able to ‘listen’ to your live stream and provide you with the songs that are being played by sampling the feed and matching the songs you are playing using an audio fingerprinting service and providing you with the results in real time*.

We can monitor pretty much any type of audio stream and provide you with the results in a format of your choice (.json file, .txt, .csv). We are able to provide the following data :

  • Artist

  • Track Title

  • Track start time

  • Track duration

  • Album

  • Artist image

  • Cover art image

  • Artist / Cover art thumbnail

  • Artist Twitter account

Typically we provide the above in a .json format but if you require any other format we can customize this service to your requirements.

For more information and to sign up for this service, please see this page.