‘Now Playing’ and ‘Recently Played’ Song Widgets

[:en]Embed Shoutcast, Icecast and Radionomy widgets for your Now Playing and Recently played songs

Our ‘Widgets’ allow you to embed either a ‘Now  Playing’ or ‘Recently Played’ widget (or both!) into your website!

We offer you loads of options to configure to give your website visitors a great user experience, you can even add Apple or Amazon affiliate links so you can monetize your website!

You can display and customize the following items:

  • Number of songs to display

  • Listen again icon (recently played)

  • Listen live icons (currently playing)

  • Backround and cell colors

  • Image size

  • Font size

  • Font color

  • Font Type (Tons of Google Open Source fonts available)

  • Add Apple iTunes affiliate link

  • Add Amazon affiliate link

  • Add social media sharing links

Both Widgets are fully SSL (HTTPS) enabled  and you can configure all of these features (and many more) via our custom control panel and then just embed the code into your own website and we’ll take care of the rest!

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