Live broadcasting on Twitter and Periscope

With over 335 million monthly active users, you cannot ignore the power of having a presence on Twitter. A while back Twitter announced the launch of Periscope, their live streaming platform. This was mainly used for individuals broadcasting from their mobile phones, but the live streaming platform has been growing steadily and is now being used as a LIVE broadcast platform by many Radio and TV stations.

Here at we’ve developed a way to get YOUR Radio Station on the Periscope platform and made available to millions of Twitter and Periscope users.

BUT… Not only do we broadcast your Radio Station, we actually turn it into a TV Station! Using our existing technology for accessing artist/band/group imagery and ‘Now Playing’ data from your streaming server, we can enhance your Radio Station and create a video stream to broadcast to Periscope.

We combine the audio from your station, artist images and metadata and create your very own TV Channel!

You do not need any special hardware or software, we take care of all of the broadcast elements on our dedicated platform. We just need your audio stream details and a logo and you can have your own enhanced Radio Station broadcasting to millions of users on the Twitter/Periscope platform.

Wait, there’s more!

You can also interact with the listeners/viewers using the on-screen chat feature available on Periscope.

You will also get a huge amount of analytical data about your broadcast from Periscope, so you can see how many people were listening/watching.

You can select when to go live directly from the Periscope App on your mobile phone. Stay live 24/7 or just broadcast the events you want to, all with a click of a button on the Periscope App or website.

Broadcasting on Periscope also allows you to embed the live stream in any post so Twitter followers can listen/watch directly from an embedded Tweet either via the website or in their Twitter App.

Want to see what it’s all about? Then click on the button below to be taken to our test channel on Periscope and see what it’s all about.


Ready to get YOUR Radio Station on the Periscope platform and broadcasting live to potentially millions of listeners/viewers?

This service is due to launch October 2018. Click here to get in touch and register your interest and be one of the first to get your station online with Twitter/Periscope.