Facebook Radio Player Plugin

Would you like to add a Radio Player to your Radio Stations Facebook Page? We are now able to provide a Radio Player plugin/tab for your Facebook Page!

Allow your Facebook fans/followers to listen to your Radio Station direct from your Facebook page and get even more listeners and interaction with your station. The plugin will also display the song that is currently playing and a list of recently played songs.

Here’s a list of features available:

  • Configure your audio stream, compatible with most MP3 AND AAC+ streams.

  • Customize colours and fonts.

  • Choose the type of player you’d like.

  • Decide whether to autoplay the audio stream on load.

  • Decide whether to include adverts (to monetize your page!).

  • Configure how many ‘Recently Played’ songs to display.

  • Many more features…

Here’s what it looks like:

If you’d like to view it working in real-time, check out our demo radio station page here.

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