Cover Art posting now available

We’ve always been trying to improve our image matching service, but have been greatly limited by two factors, the way in which your songs are titled (the standard format being “Artist – Song Title”) and the quality of the images found in the database that we use, which is a third party database not controlled by us. Also, the image posted was always limited to the artist playing.

Following customer feedback, we are now pleased to be able to offer you the possibility of including the Cover Art for the song, rather than just the artist.

This feature is now available as an option via the control panel which you will need to enable if you’d like to use the feature.

The way this works is that our system will FIRST try and find the cover art (if enabled) for the artist/song playing. If not found, it will default back to trying to find the artists image (as it does now). Note that both the new ‘Try to post Cover Art” and the “Include Artist Image” options both need to be set to “ON” in the Control Panel for this feature to work.

Using this feature also gives you an additional image search should no artist image be found.

Please note, the accuracy of this feature depends greatly on the accuracy of your song titles as they appear on your streaming server. If your songs are not titled/labelled properly, our system will always struggle to find a match. We’d like any feedback you may have on this new feature.

For more information on this, please contact us.

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