Get your Radio Stations "Now Playing" songs posted automatically to Twitter, Facebook and TuneIn as often as you like, customize your message, add images and even "Buy this Song" links. We now also support scheduled posting of RSS feeds and static messages with images to your Twitter feed and Facebook Page! We also offer other services such as Now Playing & Recently Played Widgets for your website, Mobile Phone Apps for Radio Stations, Silence Detection and Song Detection and reporting services.

Tag the Artist

We can automatically tag the artist, band or group that's playing on your Radio Station & replace their name with their official Twitter account. Get loads of re-tweets!

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Apple & Amazon links

Monetise your Twitter account! We can add "Buy this Song" links to each and every one of your tweets and link them to your iTunes or Amazon account! Earn extra cash!

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Add images to each post

We can match the artist, band or group playing on your station and automatically add an image of them to each Tweet, now you can really get interactive! Boost your Social Media!

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Welcome to!

We offer a hosted service that enables you to post your radio stations “Now Playing” songs directly to your Twitter, Facebook and TuneIn account automatically.

You can customise your message, add hashtags, have an image of the artist posted with each tweet, have the artists name replaced with their official Twitter account and even add ‘Buy this Song’ links to monetise your Twitter, Facebook and TuneIn account.

Offer your followers great user experience and get ahead of the rest by offering this great service. We also now support automatic posting of RSS feeds to your Twitter account.

Also included with your account, schedule up to 10 RSS feed posts to be posted to your Twitter account and also 20 ‘static’ messages (with images) can be posted to your Twitter feed with our service!

We support Shoutcast (v1 & v2), Icecast, Radionomy, Radiojar,, Tikilive, SAM Cloud, Centova Cast, Radio King and most of the major playout systems (Yours not listed? Ask us!).

We also have many more services! We offer our Now Playing and Recently Played widgets for you to embed into your website, we offer streaming server monitoring, website monitoring, silence detection and song detection services…

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